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Audio Junki – Modular and Eurorack Synth Store

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Eurorack synth modules, DIY kits, parts and accessories.

Audio junki is a new online store just for eurorack synth enthusiasts and musicians keen or interested in getting into the esoteric platform.

With manufacturers such as Doepfer and Mutable Instruments in Audio Junki’s store,  it’s possible to start the eurorack journey with some credible modules and a workhorse for years to come. Not keeping the DIY’ers in the dark, and the price sensitive….. heaps of accessories are available (and the list keeps growing) such as the synthrotek range of power boards and modules.

If getting into eurorack and modular systems is something you are looking into, then is for you. Many producers and composers can get a big gain out of a small unit, many, many hours of play, and that feeling of making sounds on a genuine synth that you just can’t get in the digital realm. With the right knowledge and support, a small setup in a desktop size skiff case will be all you need to get your feet wet and get a great contribution to your productions without breaking the bank. Audio Junki has posted an article for beginners and people keen on getting started with modular. The tutorial is here.

Another genre Audio Junki is getting into is headphones and earphones. Acquiring an Australian manufacturer they are not just servicing audiophiles and the like, but some of the models are in the pro-audio quality class with flat response and designs for live use and on stage when you can’t have big over ear cans like drummers and dancers. There is also a new range of Australian made eurorack cases with some pretty gnarly designs coming our way in the near future…so I’ve heard.

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