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“……there is always a story being told around you……”

Borg Audio was created to collate everything I enjoy about sound and music in one place. I being Danial Borg, sound designer and composer. Designing and creating unique sounds, instruments, effects and atmospheres is what I love. Breaking the rules and using unorthodox techniques to pull great and new sounds out of thin air. As it’s only by using your imagination and following the heart that new and unique things can happen.

As an Audio Engineer and Sound Designer, there is always a story being told around you, whether it be a song, a movie or at the dinner table. With each little sound having it’s own origins and a small tale to tell, a larger story builds and a journey then begins. Its these stories that make you who you are.

My story began in the eighties, where synths, electronics, tube valves, vinyl and cassettes ruled the earth. Not much has changed since then.